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South Carolina Comptroller

Office Name: Comptroller General's Office

Comptroller's Name: Richard Eckstrom, CPA

Comptroller Biography: Richard Eckstrom has been the Comptroller for the state of South Carolina since 2002. Additionally, he served as Treasurer for South Carolina from 1994 through 1998. Before he served as Treasurer, he was a CPA for an international business.

Responsibilities: The comptroller is the overseer of state spending,the keeper of the state's financial books, and oversees accounts for state agencies. The comptroller is also responsible for overseeing payroll for all state employees and state agencies. The comptroller also tracks all payments from one state agency to another, and makes certain that the state funds exist to fund such transfers.

Phone: 866-340-7105


1301 Gervais Street
Suite 710
Columbia, SC 29201-3326

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