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Illinois Comptroller

Office Name: Office of the Comptroller

Comptroller's Name: Daniel W. Hynes

Comptroller Biography: Daniel W. Hynes, a graduate of Loyola University and Notre Dame, was elected State Comptroller in 1998 and is the youngest man to serve in the position since 1942. During his three terms in this elected office, Hynes has worked to bring ethics and budget reform to the Office of the Comptroller.

Responsibilities: The comptroller's office is responsible for statewide and local finances and accounting as well as serving as an advocate for the people, especially on legislative issues that keep the government of Illinois responsive and accountable to the people it serves. The comptroller also oversees local government accounting and reporting well as private funeral homes and cemeteries.

Phone: 217-782-6000


Office of the Comptroller
Springfield Executive Office
201 Capitol Springfield, IL 62706-0001

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