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California Comptroller

Office Name: California State Controller's Office

Comptroller's Name: John Chiang

Comptroller Biography: Chiang is the son of immigrant parents, and graduated from the University of South Florida. He graduated from the Georgetown University Law Center. He was first elected to the Board of Equalization in 1998 where he served two terms, including three years as chair. He began his career as a tax law specialist with the Internal Revenue Service and previously served as an attorney in the State.  Chiang was elected in November 2006 to serve as controller.

Responsibilities: The controller is responsible for the administration of $300 billion in pension, overseeing the dispersement of over $100 billion dollars in public money, and overseeing its expenditures down to the local level. The controller administers the state payroll, audits all expenditures on state personnel, administers the state's unclaimed property program, holds any audit for state agencies, administer tax programs, and maintains the state's financial state.

Phone: 916-445-2636


300 Capitol Mall, Suite 1850
Sacramento California 95814

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